Limousin Farm

Limousin Steaks

The special meat of Limousin cattle

In stark contrast to the current tendency towards mass production, our motto has been “Class” from the very outset!

We maintain the highest standards for our breeding stock, with the carefully selected quality of the raw feed produced on our own farm guaranteeing the special characteristics of the meat from our animals. Our feed comprises lush grasses and foliage that grow on our fields. We attach great importance to quality and closeness to nature starting with the sowing of the seed, using only compost produced on the farm as fertiliser as well as fertiliser supplements based exclusively on seaweed-derived calcium. This produces healthy feed, which is given to the animals in the form of silage or dried as hay. It is rich in minerals, trace elements and vitamins – with this also reflected in the meat, of course. The animals are free range – both in the meadow and in the cowshed. This means they can satisfy their thirst and hunger whenever they wish rather than only at fixed times. During the last few weeks before they are slaughtered, our cattle are given additional feed in the form of a high-quality and specially monitored mixture of cereals. This helps them to develop very fine-grained meat, rich in omega 3 fatty acids and with a distinctive flavour. A real treat for everyone who attaches importance to healthy nutrition.

Meat sales

Our meat is available from the farm.
Minimum purchase quantity: 1/8 of an animal;
pre-packaged and ready for consumption.

For further information, call +32 (0)477 371 443

Großes Limousin Steak

Limousin Steak-würfel

Limousin Hackfleisch

Limousinfleisch Gericht