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The first suckler cows

Our first suckler cows all came from “famous families”. They were daughters of HEUREUX, a CACTUS RRE vs, son of SCEA TOULISSE-DELAIDE. They are outstanding breeding cows with a lot of milk and growth and excellent breed qualities. Then came the daughters of NEGRESCO RR, an IVORY MN RRE vs and son of GAEC TERRASSON. These are also very voluminous and compact, with excellent hereditary characteristics. And finally, the daughters of MUSICIEN RRE vs, which stand out through their completeness and exceptional pelvic area.

Our breeding bulls

On this basis, we then worked with PAULIRO, a MUSICIEN RRE vs son from a URANIUM mother: PAULIRO is a veritable “king of the pelvic area” with a very fine physique, fantastic breed characteristics and a special fine graining. We also expanded our breeding stock with the addition of LANCASTER, a bull that was the true champion of Belgium in his day, was convincing through his fantastic inherited characteristics and who won a lot of shows. This was followed by work with RUBEN, a GEANT RRE vs son from HOULQUE RRE vs – a FERRY RRE vs daughter, which was the best and most successful cow of the GAEC ROBERT brothers for a long time. However, one of our particularly important bull purchases was SULTAN, a grandchild of JOCKER MN RRE vs and from a daughter of HARICOT RRE vs. SULTAN is a tremendous bull that sets high standards with his huge length, size and depth, while being very compact at the same time, as well as his very broad pelvic area. His sons and daughters all reflect their father’s characteristics. One of these is DIAMANT, who exceeds all that went before him. He is the son of a MONARCH daughter who, for her part, is descended from one of the most successful Luxembourg cows, AQUITAINE. For further breeding, we have a son of PERIGORD RJ – who was himself regarded as the finest bull in France. This bull is descended from a MOHICAN RRE vs mother and a BRUTUS son from what was certainly the best PERIGORD RJ daughter, AZUR, a cow that convinced many a show judge and was victorious in a lot of competitions. We are also delighted to have one the best French sires of this age: VERITA–BEN RRE vs – son of the famous NEPTUNE RRE vs.

The principle of breeding

The main emphasis of our breeding is on the completeness of the animals. We describe our animals as “Grosses Mixtes” or “optimum blend” and work mainly on length and depth, as well as breadth and, in particular, the pelvic area. We attach particular importance to the efficiency of our animals’ metabolism. The distinctive features of the mothers include good milk yields, udders with fine teats as well as good, easy calving. In addition, our animals have a very calm, pleasant nature and elegant appearance.

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